About Ok Kyu Lee, DDS

General Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Ok Kyu Lee, DDS

Ok Kyu Lee, DDS, is a cosmetic and family dentist serving patients at Smile By the Station Dentistry in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Lee found his passion in dentistry during a mission trip to Guatemala, where he assisted in providing free dental care to those in need. He was amazed at how the dentists helped people and was inspired to offer others that same level of care.

Dr. Lee attended Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgeon degree. He began his dental career in Anchorage, Alaska, and Vancouver, Canada, eventually settling down in Washington State.

Dr. Lee now owns Smile by the Station Dentistry in South Seattle and is happy to continue settling into the Pacific Northwest. He continues to undertake mission trips — now as a dentist — and is eager to help people around the world who otherwise would not get a chance to have access to dental care.

When Dr. Lee isn't busy helping patients at home and abroad, he's an avid soccer enthusiast who enjoys all aspects of the sport.